All About Wet Mops

Wet Mop Heads are typically used to soak up spills and perform routine floor cleaning. There are three types from which to choose.

Cut end mop head.jpg

Cut End Mop Head

  • Least expensive option
  • Extremely absorbent so great for spills
  • Cannot be machine washed

Looped End Mop Head

  • Durable and reasonably priced
  • Looped ends prevent unraveling
  • Most types are machine washable
    (exception: cotton & poly blends)
  • Most common type of wet mop head

Microfiber Mop Head

  • Most sanitary type of mop head
  • Absorbs almost 7 times its weight in liquid
  • Made from polyester & polyamide
  • Machine washable
  • Most environmentally friendly