Care of Cotton Mop Heads

mop head.jpg

Did you know that new cotton mop heads need to be "broken-in" before using to remove oils on the strands?  Fill a bucket with hot water and add your favorite cleaning solution. Submerge your mop and agitate for several seconds.  Wring and rinse the mop head.  Repeat the "submerge, agitate, wring, and rinse" 4-5 more times.  You're ready for action.

After use, your mop should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water, wrung well, and hung in a well ventilated area to dry.  Periodically inspect mop head to check its condition. Loose strands should be removed to prevent snagging.  Old, worn mop heads that have lost more than 25% of their strands should be replaced as this translates to more time being needed to finish a job.