Baby Wipes - Not Just For A Baby's Bottom

baby wipes.jpg

Bet you didn't know that many of our clients purchase baby wipes from us. Baby wipes are pre-moistened, hypoallergenic, disposable cleaning cloths that are easy to carry and store, so it's no surprise that they can be used for much more than cleaning a baby's tushy.  

Here are just a few of the many alternative uses for this versatile product:

  • Removing stains from almost any surface - walls, carpets, fabric
  • Safely cleaning dust off the leaves of your household plants
  • Quick clean and shine for leather furniture
  • Removing excess grease from frying pans before cleaning
  • Cleaning up a messy pet
  • Catching pet hairs on upholstery and clothes
  • Removing deodorant marks on clothes
  • Quick clean up for kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Removing eye makeup
  • Removing marks on hard surface floors
  • Quick clean ups in your car

Keep a box of baby wipes on hand in your office, vehicle, kitchen, bathroom, or shop.  They are a gentle but effective all purpose cleaning cloth.