Cleaning Schedule for Offices, Conference Rooms, and Lounge Areas

Keeping a clean, well maintained business environment has a direct effect on your clients, vendors, and employees.  It makes a great first impression with customers and vendors, and studies show it also makes for healthier, more productive employees. 

Here is a recommended schedule for cleaning your office, conference room, and lounge area.

Empty trash

Twice Weekly
Dust mop stairways and floors                                                          
Sweep inside and outside steps leading to office areas         
Spot clean entry doors and glass panels on/by doors              
Dust mop or vacuum hallways                                                           

Damp mop hard surface floors                                          
Vacuum carpets                                                                                      
Clean conference room chalk/marker board              
Wipe light switches and door knobs                                               

Clean trash receptacles                                                                        

Every Other Month
Vacuum and edge carpeted area                                     
Clean baseboards                                                                   
Dust ceiling vents                                                                    

Every Six Months
Clean inside glass                                                                    
Clean doors, jambs, kick plates, hardware                   

Next up ... Cleaning frequency for restrooms