Ultra Chem Lab's Odorless Lift-Off Floor Stripper

Lift off stripper.jpg

Ultra Chem Labs has just introduced a high-performance odorless floor finish stripper - Lift Off Stripper. This new stripper is capable of removing most floor finishes from a variety of floor surfaces, and it is particularly effective at stripping metal fortified finish buildup.  Lift Off Stripper has an odorless formulation that is safer to use.  Directions for use are fairly straight forward ...

1. Mix "Lift Off" with cold water in a bucket with wringer.  (Refer to the "Lift Off" label for the correct dilution ratio.)
2. Apply stripping solution liberally (flooding method) with stripper mop. Do not allow stripper solution to dry. Re-wet floor with water if stripping solution begins to dry before the final pick up procedure. For best results let stripping solution sit on floor for 10 minutes before scrubbing.
3. Scrub floor with 175-RPM rotary floor machine and abrasive pad (red or black) until all the finish is removed from the floor.  Repeat this step if needed.
4. Use a wet-vac to pick up the stripping solution.  If using an auto-scrubber, scrub as many times as necessary to completely remove film and then pick up solution on the last pass.
5. Mix "Cleaner and Conditioner" with cold water (1 oz per gallon) in a clean bucket with wringer. Using mop, apply solution liberally over floor.
6. Scrub the cleaning solution with a floor machine or auto scrubber using green or blue pad.
7. Use wet-vac or auto scrubber to pick up cleaning solution.
8. Damp mop rinse the floor with a clean mop.
9. Check pH of floor. If neutral, seal or finish floor.  If pH too high, rinse floor again and retest pH (repeat until neutral and then finish/seal).  Apply 4-5 coats of finish.