Floor Care & Maintenance System

ETC of Henderson hosted an extremely informative workshop dealing with best practices in floor care and maintenance at our facility in Stuart on June 27th.  One of the topics addressed was "a complete floor care system".  We thought some of our customers who couldn't attend would appreciate a synopsis.

1. Strip the floor using an aggressive stripping pad.  If you are using a low speed, lighter weight machine, go with a black stripping pad.  If you are using a high speed, heavier machine go with a Razorback stripping pad.

2. Rinse the floor and allow it to dry thoroughly.

3. Apply finish.  Finish should be applied with a lint free mop (do not use cotton or rayon mops - cotton produces lint, and both cotton and rayon are too absorbent).  A minimum of four coats of finish should be applied.  You should burnish after each application/coat of finish, and only after the finish has completely dried.  Typically you should wait 48-72 hours after a coat of finish has been applied before burnishing and applying the next coat.  However, if you need to burnish freshly dried finish use a super-soft curing pad.

4. To maintain the floor in between stripping, you need to clean and polish the floor on a regular basis depending on traffic and wear-and-tear.  Use a dust mop to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the surface of the floor.  Then clean the floor with a neutral cleaner using a mop or a single disc machine or auto-scrubber with a red, blue, or green pad.  Use a red pad for light cleaning, a blue pad for a medium cleaning, and a green pad for a deeper scrubbing.  Once the floor has been cleaned, polish it.  Use a white pad with a low speed machine or Gorilla Lite pad with a high speed machine.

ETC's new floor care and maintenance system using Gorilla by Diamond pads will be addressed in our next blog.