Ultra Chem Labs' Quantum Floor Finish


Most of our customers who are in the commercial flooring business swear by Ultra Chem Labs' line of products.  Their floor finish, Quantum, is one of the best on the markets.  Quantum is a low maintenance, dry brite durable floor finish.  This high performance finish dries and levels with great "off the mop" gloss.  Quantum dries from the bottom up so it dries extra fast. It can be easily repaired during application and does not require frequent burnishing.  Quantum's durable acrylic polymer base provides resistance to black heel marks, pad burns and soil embedment and is ideal for the protection of most types of resilient floors in high traffic areas. Quantum is free of metals and styrene so it will not discolor or yellow while sustaining high levels of glossy vibrance.  With proper maintenance, stripping cycles can be dramatically reduced or eliminated.  To top it off, Quantum is an environmentally friendly product.