The Benefits of Pets in the Workplace


Anyone who frequents our office on Jack James Drive knows that we're a very pet friendly work environment.  Chihuahuas Winston, Riley, and Dax are always quick to greet any customer who pops in to pick up supplies and are definitely key members of the team at Martin County Janitorial Supply.  Pets in the work place is a growing phenomenon that we wholeheartedly endorse.   Studies have shown that pet-friendly work environments can benefit both employees and employers. 

  • Pets on the job help reduce stress
  • Bringing a pet to work can enable an employee to work longer hours
  • Pets in the workplace have been shown to increase camaraderie among workers  
  • Pet-friendly work places tend to have healthier workers (pets reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as encourage workers to get a bit of exercise during the work day)
  • Pets brighten up the work environment

We can attest to the fact that pets at work can definitely be a win-win for all.